ROOTED is our discipleship and small groups model. Rooted provides the opportunity to connect with God, the Church community

and your purpose in unexpected life-changing ways. Beyond a program, seminar or class, Rooted is a catalyst for life-change. 

Rooted provokes questions and conversations and offers beyond-what-is-comfortable group experience designed to give you a

glimpse of your story in God’s story.

We meet for 8 weeks in both large group and small group settings to discuss, live out and experience God's Word

together in a variety of different ways.

Offered twice a year, Rooted has become our "on-ramp" for newer folks and "launch pad" for our established folks. 

If you're asking if Rooted is for you, the answer is YES!

The cost is $20 per person and childcare is provided at no additional cost.

Rooted starts back up in January 2024!